About me

Living in the Northwest my entire life, I have been surrounded by beautiful scenery, adventurous people, and creative minds.  I grew up spending most weekends in the mountains and was introduced to photography at an early age from my uncle.  Shooting originally with simply a pin hole camera gave me a passion for film as well.  To this day I still enjoy shooting with film alongside digital.  The rich skin tones and vibrant colors that film provides in combination with the grain create a look that cannot easily be replicated. I love shooting people;  from capturing the emotion vested in a single moment of time or documenting peoples adventures along the way. People entertain me, they excite me.  My story is unique and I have the opportunity to portray my renditions of others stories while behind the camera.  I am currently located in spokane, washington.  If you're interested in booking a session with me, have inquiries about pricing, or want to know more about me; you can contact me at:




Grafton Pannell